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Gastrointestinal Surgery

Ranked 5 Star in Gallbladder Removal Surgery by Healthgrades, Piedmont Macon Medical Center GI surgeons treat patients with gallbladder complications..

A variety of gastrointestinal conditions can be treated with surgery. Appendicitis, which is inflammation and infection of the appendix, is often treated with an appendectomy. Colon cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers may require surgery to remove cancerous tumors and any affected digestive system parts, such as the pancreas, liver, or intestine. Diverticular disease, which is the development of small pouches or pockets in the colon, may require bowel resection surgery to remove the affected section of the intestine if the diverticula frequently become inflamed.

Gastrointestinal surgery is utilized as a means to treat ailments related to digestion, including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and rectum. This also encompasses the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Surgery can be used to eliminate a cancerous or noncancerous growth or a damaged portion of the body such as the intestine, as well as repair problems such as a hernia. Minor surgical procedures may also be employed to screen and diagnose issues in the digestive system.

Piedmont Macon Medical Center

Thomas Clifton Woodyard MD

General Surgery

Thomas Woodyard M.D is a board certified general surgeon who offers a high level of integrated surgical care for patients in Macon, GA and surrounding counties. He is an Air Force veteran and has 25 years of clinical and surgical experience.

Dr. Woodyard specializes in general surgery, laparoscopy and robotic surgery. He treats a wide variety of diseases including hernias, abdominal surgery, breast surgery, skin lesions and thyroid surgery and has performed over 900 robotic procedures.

Dr. Woodyard frequently treats conditions such as Cholecystitis and Gallstones, Gallstones, and Abdominal Pain.

Credentials & Awards

  • Certification: American Board of Surgery

    Surgery, 1996